We underestimate the power of quality visuals, what they leave on our minds, and what persists in our hearts after watching high impact videos. Creating quality content is essential to be a part of today’s fast-paced world. This might seem far-fetched, but with the right visuals and direction, your next big idea just needs a teaser to shake the world. This is when you know how much power the media
of today holds. And this power, you hold it too, as much as anyone else with a little help from BrainDagger Films.

Creating pro-bono promos and music videos

To tell revolutionary stories, BrainDagger comes with a cause, an idea, a thought that intrigues. Music, art, and culture tell stories we may not know are within us. BrainDagger is impacting minds across the globe with such content. The studio is constantly searching the net for stories and non-profits they are interested in producing. From fundraising videos for the Commemorative Air Force in Colorado to awareness about rafting protocols in Washington State for the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to a drone adventure through 3,000 miles of Alaskan Wilderness, they have earned thousands of dollars for charitable causes.

Moe and Kathryn, the husband and wife Directors at BrainDagger film create what intrigues them and evolve an idea into a visual with creative juices and sense of purpose that erupts throughout the video. When they look for something interesting, they keep their minds open to evolutionary ideas and the purpose is only one: to create art. One of the finest of these pieces would be to walk among ancestors in a photograph or tell the history of an island unknown to most (Put-in-Bay). When BrainDagger finds a connection to an idea, they put every bit they have into that piece.

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At BrainDagger, stories evolve with the creators, and something awesome is created.

If your music has a sensation that goes into the hearts of people or if your cafe’ has a new coffee that awakens minds or if your new restaurant has a dish that will seduce the tongues and your creativity deserves the right frame, BrainDagger has the lens to pierce into hearts. Video creation is an art as each eye perceives a visual difference. When a video becomes a common ground for many, it becomes a perspective of its own. Music that helps calm a mind like any of their memorial videos or the punk music in their 2019 demo to reawaken your energy, each video has a symphony to it.

Today, a teacher’s boring lecture turns into the star class of the session with high-impact visual content.

Video creators of today are looking for varied content to brighten up, add fire to and make the next big thing. If an idea has the capability, the directors at BrainDagger will make it a story worth one’s time. It is all about the power of a lens, the power of projection, and the power of fabricating the pieces of an idea into a visual that makes a deep impression on the mind. Kathryn’s virtual
newscast for her students with Larry the production dog is a fine example.

Even though BrainDagger takes up videos through referrals, your exclusive idea may have a place in their heart. Some stories interest BrainDagger so much so, no referrals await them. All one needs is to do is send an email and one might get through!

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The company is established with a vision to educate the people what art is, what entertainment is, and how much artistry and cinematics the world of today has to offer, all through a backdrop of interesting topics from around the world. From Iceland to Chile’ they have been spreading knowledge over the internet that falls directly in line with the studios slogan.

BrainDagger FilmsKnowledge is Good.