Hershey Park is a fun, family-friendly amusement park found in Hershey, PA. With over twelve roller coasters, tons of rides the whole family can do, and an incredible water-park, Hershey Park is a superb spot to bring your complete family for a day (or even more) of fun! Hershey Park offers great fun and value. To maximize that, it’s always better to be prepared before your first visit. Here’s all you need to recognise about Hershey Park in Hershey, PA!

Some of the information about the attractions and locations below may have changed due to new safety regulations. Please contact the positioning for the most up-to-date information.

Hershey Park Location and Admission

Hershey Park is found in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The park is significantly less than 2 hours from Philadelphia and Baltimore, and approximately 3 hours from New York. While the park is not open year-round, it is open from April through December. Hours and admission rates vary with respect to the season and ticket type. Don’t forget, you will find loads of other activities to do in Hershey, PA in addition to visiting Hershey Park ticket prices!

Quick Tips Before You Visit Hershey Park in Hershey, PA

Hershey Park is not flat. Actually, it is rather hilly, and some of those hills are steep! If an associate of your party has difficulty walking, or gets tired easily, I might make sure to bring a wheelchair or stroller.

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Hershey Park has a water park! The Boardwalk at Hershey Park is an ardent area in the park with many water slides and splash areas. Bring a bathing suit and towel to savor the fun.

There are changing rooms, showers, and lockers by the Boardwalk.

Utilize the Preview Plan (see below) if you are staying overnight. We recommend staying at the Hershey Lodge!

At Hershey Park, The Rides Are For Everybody!

Roller Coasters

Every good amusement park has roller coasters, but Hershey Park has 13 roller coasters of varying intensity levels. Everyone from little kids (Hershey Kisses) to the top kids (Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers) have more than one roller coaster to choose from! There is a good loop roller coaster (The sooper dooper Looper) that kids as young as 5 can continue! It really is a family-friendly park. No-one gets overlooked of the fun!

Kiddie Rides

If your little one is not really a fan of roller coasters, fear not! There are almost two dozen kiddie rides in the park. Although some close relatives are riding a wild roller coaster, small members can take a ride on an airplane or Mack truck! Hershey Park offers miniature versions of some of their bigger rides, like the swings, pirate ship, and scrambler.

Family Rides

One of the reasons to plan a trip to Hershey Park is the countless rides that the complete family can do together! From classics like the Coal Cracker log flume and Ferris wheel to trips with a view, like the Sky View and Kissing Tower, fun time together will be easy to come across!

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Hershey Park Has a Water Park!

The Boardwalk is Hershey Park’s water park within the park. Tons of water slides, a lazy river, and a huge waterworks structure are only a several attractions that comprise The Boardwalk. Even the littlest members of the family can enjoy getting wet in the Shoreline Sprayground and Sandcastle Cove. Changing areas and lockers make it possible for families to change gears from dry rides to water trips, and then back again!

There is a Zoo at Hershey Park

Included with your Hershey Park ticket is admission to ZooAmerica. You can enter the zoo from within the park by the Hershey Triple Tower. The zoo features more than 200 animals from around The United States, including Canada and Mexico. Big cats, various reptiles, and birds of prey are some of the amazing animals you get there! The zoo is open year-round, even when Hershey Park is closed.

You Can Meet Hershey Characters

Is there anything sweeter than meeting a life-sized version of your preferred candy? At Hershey Park, you can meet a lot of their famous confections. Regular appearances by Hershey’s Bar, Hershey’s Kiss, and Reese make any kid’s day happy! You can find lucky and meet Twizzler and Symphony as well!