It really is a joy to view babies grow, develop, and discover the world around them. And grow they are doing! It can seem like your little one is just a bit bigger each day. In order that favorite outfit, that soft, cozy onesie, that go-to picture ensemble… Is it possible to get yet another wear out of it? Hmm…. Judging sizes can be difficult. How should baby clothes fit?

Baby Clothes Sizes Explained

Generally, baby clothes sizes get into roughly three groups; Infants, Babies, and Small children. These communities are dependant on the baby’s age. An infant is considered a child when they are between 0-6 months, bigger babies are believed between 6 to 12 month and Toddlers are twelve months and up.

When shopping for clothes for a baby, you will most likely realize that the clothing sizes aren’t labels so blatantly, they are usually casted as the baby’s age in calendar months. Which sometimes can be quite confusing.

How do Baby Clothing Sizes Really Work?

Baby clothing sizes are largely predicated on their weight and length. Typically, new parents know the baby’s length right after birth, but it isn’t realistic to regularly measure your child every time you or a pal opt to go clothes searching for your baby.

Another great way to determine your baby clothes sizes is by using how old they are as the identifying factor. This technique is a lot less exact as an infant can develop at different rates then what is projected because of their sizes.

Below is a sizing chart that consists of a few typical baby clothes sizes by weight.

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Age Weight Height
Newborns 7lbs / 3.175kg 19in / 48.26cm
0-3 Months 7-12lbs / 3.17- 5.44kg 19-23in / 48.26-58.43cm
3-6 months 12-16lbs / 5.44-7.26kg 23-27in / 53.43-68.58cm
6-9 months 16-20lbs / 7.26-9.07kg 25-27in / 63.5-68.58cm
6-12 Months 17-22lbs / 7.71-9.98kg 27-29in / 68.58-73.66cm
12-18 months 22-27lbs / 9.98-12.25kg 29-32in / 73.66-81.28cm
24 Months / 2T 28-32lbs / 12.7-14.5kg 32-34in / 81.3-86.4cm
3T 32-35lbs / 14.5-15.9kg 34-38in / 86.4-96.5cm
4T 35-39lbs /15.9-17.7kg 38-40in / 96.5-101.6cm

If you find that buying baby clothes that are the current age and weight of your child, you baby will outgrow them weekly. Newborns, especially in their first few weeks of life, expand exceptionally fast.

Knowing that, it is commonly recommended to with a size or two bigger than the actual baby’s size. Of these first stages of life, it’s advised to truly have a few extra Onesies and sleepers across different sizes.

Additionally it is recommended in this stage; you should have 10-15 Onesies and 5-6 sleepers on hand in each size. Overall, there is absolutely no absolute approach to buying clothes for a baby. The guideline continues to be to work with the baby’s weight as a means of deciding the sizes and purchase a lot of sizes

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