We’ve never had as many options in our diets as we do now, and with globalisation making a greater variety of food cheaper and more accessible than it’s ever been before, we’re quite literally spoilt for choice. The downside of all this variety is that it puts even more pressure on us to make good and healthy choices when it comes to ourselves and our families, which can be difficult when there is so much information and temptation out there. But why is it so important that we get it right? Let’s take a look.

The habit of a lifetime

Humans are habit-forming creatures, and many of the fundamental ways we think about the world and ourselves are formed at a very young age when our brains are still developing. Making sure that children are exposed to a good variety of fruit and vegetables when they’re young makes them more likely to be open and happy to continue healthy eating as they get older. It also teaches them important practical skills like how to find and prepare fresh vegetables, rather than just heating something up in a microwave.

Bringing families together

While cooking and preparing healthy meals is mostly about eating, it’s also a really important bonding time to enjoy with your family. A busy, bustling kitchen full of gorgeous smells and tasty food is the heart of the home, and whether your kids are involved in the cooking or are just keeping you company, it’s an important time to spend together. Rather than wolfing down a microwave meal after five minutes of ‘cooking’, you can sit at the table and enjoy each others’ company, making you closer as a family and making it easier to be part of your children’s lives.

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Set them up for life

A growing family needs all kinds of vitamins and minerals to develop healthily, and at a young age, your kids are exploring the world and finding out what they want to be. Will they be musical superstars? Sports heroes? Academic whizzes? Or maybe a mixture of all three? While your child is finding their way, it doesn’t pay to just sit and hope their food is giving them the nutrients they need to stand the best chance in life. Cooking your own food allows you to make sure a great combination of fruit and veg is part of their everyday.

Find the best source of ingredients

All of this potential is exciting, but it’s easier said than done to keep up with your kids’ diets, so how do you make sure you’re doing the right thing?

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